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Sticky Sessions

The ScrapeOps Proxy API Aggregator enables you to use the same IP address for multiple requests using the session_number query parameter.

This is useful if you are scraping a website where you need to chain together multiple requests from the same IP address to get the data you need.

To enable the ScrapeOps Proxy's Sticky Session functionality, you just need to add the session_number query parameter to your request, along with a session number that you define.

For example, adding session_number=7 to a group of requests will tell the API to use the same proxy IP for all of these requests. The session number you set can be any number from 0 to 10000

curl -k ""

Proxy Selection

Enabling the Sticky Session functionality changes which proxy providers and proxy pools that can be used to process your request. If you enable Sticky Sessions it might change the selected proxy to one that performs worse than the normally selected proxy. So you should only enable Sticky Sessions if you really need to use this functionality.