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Advanced Functionality List

The ScrapeOps Proxy API Aggregator enables you to use the more advanced functionality of our underlying proxy providers by adding additional parameters to your requests. The API will accept the following parameters:

optimize_requestRequest with request optimization enabled. Example: optimize_request=true
max_request_costUsed in conjunction with optimize_request to set the maximum number of API credits a request can use. Example: max_request_cost=30
bypassRequest with anti-bot bypass enabled. List of bypasses. Example: bypass=cloudflare_level_1
auto_extractUse maintained parsers to automatically extract data from HTML and return data in JSON format. List of parsers. Example: auto_extract=amazon
render_jsRequest with Javascript rendering enabled. Example: render_js=true
waitTell headless browser to wait a specfic period of time before returning response. Example: wait=3000
wait_forTell headless browser to wait a specfic page element to appear before returning response. Example: wait_for=.loading-done
scrollTell headless browser to scroll the page down a defined number of pixels before returning the response. Example: scroll=5000
screenshotTell the headless browser to take a screenshot of the rendered page. The screenshot will be returned in a base64 encoded string. Parameters needed: screenshot=true&render_js=true&json_response=true.
js_scenarioSend a sequence of commands to a headless browser before returning the response. Examples
premiumRequest using premium proxy pools. Example: premium=true
residentialRequest using residential proxy pools. Example: residential=true
mobileRequest using mobile proxy pools. Example: mobile=true
countryMake requests from specific country. Example: country=us
keep_headersUse your own custom headers when making the request. Example: keep_headers=true
device_typeTell API to use desktop vs mobile user-agents when making requests. Default is desktop. Example: device_type=mobile
session_numberEnable sticky sessions that use the same IP address for multiple requests by setting a session_number. Example: session_number=7
follow_redirectsTell API to not follow redirects by setting follow_redirects=false.
initial_status_codeTell API to return the inital status code the website responses with in the headers by setting initial_status_code=true.
final_status_codeTell API to return the final status code the website responses with in the headers by setting final_status_code=true.

Certain advanced functionality consumes more than 1 API credit. To see how much each request will consume then check out this list of request costs.