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Never Worry About Finding Web Scraping Proxies Again

The ScrapeOps Proxy Aggregator is an All-In-One Proxy API that allows you to use over 20+ proxy providers from a single API.

Get started with 1,000 free API credits. No credit card required.

Why Use The ScrapeOps Proxy Aggregator?

We give your the best proxy performance and reliablity for the lowest cost.

ScrapeOps All-In-One Proxy

All-In-One Proxy

No more searching Google for proxy providers & testing new ones when your proxy fails. Get access to the top 20 proxy providers with a single API.

ScrapeOps Proxy Optimization

Proxy Optimization

Our proxy API will automatically use the best proxy provider from our pool of over 20+ proxy providers so never need to worry about getting blocked.

ScrapeOps Never Overpay Again

Never Overpay Again

Our Proxy Aggregator uses the proxy provider with the best performance & best price, so you never overpay for proxies again.

Continuous Proxy Optimisation

Use The Best Proxy Everytime

Using the data from the ScrapeOps monitors we are continuously track the performance of every proxy provider, to find the best providers for your target domain.

All requests are optimised to use the best performing proxy provider that gives the best price. Never overpay for proxy providers again.

ScrapeOps Proxy Optimisation
ScrapeOps Proxy Aggregator Performance Graph

Automatic Proxy Provider Switching

Unbeatable Proxy Performance

If a proxy providers performance drops or gets blocked then our API will automatically reroute your requests to a different working proxy provider.

You never need to worry about CAPTCHAs, getting banned or blocked again. We will find the proxy provider that works for your use case.

Proxy Customization

Fully Customizable

Enable extra functionality like you would any other proxy provider by simply adding query parameters to your requests.

Activate a headless browser, use residential proxies, or proxies from a specific country by simply adding a flag to your request.

ScrapeOps Proxy Fully Customisable
ScrapeOps Proxy Aggregator Price Guarantee

Never overspend again

Price Match Guarentee

If you find a proxy provider that offers the same performance for a lower price then we will match the price.

We monitor the prices and performance of every proxy provider to make sure we give our users the best performance at the lowest price.

Available Proxy Providers

Use over +20 proxy providers from a single API endpoint. Get the best reliablity & performance at the lowest price.





















We are adding new proxy providers every week.


Start Scraping Within 30 Seconds

Simply send the URL you want to scrape to our Proxy API, and we will automatically select the best proxy provider and handle all retries & bans.

Easily integrate into any scraper that can make HTTP API calls.

## python example
import requests

response = requests.get(
'api_key': 'YOUR_API_KEY',
'url': '',

print('Body: ', response.content)

Integrate With Your Favourite Languages

ScrapeOps Python Integration
ScrapeOps Node Integration
ScrapeOps Java Integration
ScrapeOps PHP Integration
ScrapeOps Golang Integration
ScrapeOps Ruby Integration

Simple & Flexible Pricing

Only pay for successful requests and cancel your subscription anytime. Get started with 1,000 free API credits.

$9 Per Month

API Credits
1 Concurrent Thread

$15 Per Month

API Credits
1 Concurrent Thread

$19 Per Month

API Credits
1 Concurrent Thread

$29 Per Month

API Credits
5 Concurrent Threads

$54 Per Month

API Credits
25 Concurrent Threads

$99 Per Month

1 Million
API Credits
50 Concurrent Threads

$199 Per Month

2 Million
API Credits
75 Concurrent Threads

$249 Per Month

3 Million
API Credits
100 Concurrent Threads

Every Premium Plan Includes:

Javascript Rendering
Javascript Snippet Execution
Residential Proxies
Country Geotargeting
Custom Headers
Sticky Sessions
Automatic Proxy Optimization
Automatic Proxy Rotation
Response Validation
Free: ScrapeOps Job Monitoring
Free: ScrapeOps Error Logging
Free: ScrapeOps Server Manager
Free: ScrapeOps Job Scheduler

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Proxy API Features Explained

Javascript Rendering

Use a headless browser to render Javascript heavy websites like React, AngularJS, Vue.js Single Page Applications.

JS Snippet Execution

Interact with pages before the HTML is returned (scroll page, click button, etc.) by adding a JS snippet to your request.

Residential & Mobile Proxies

Makes requests with residential & mobile proxies to bypass difficult to scrape websites.

Country Geotargeting

Make your requests from a specific country so that you can scrape websites that display data based on your location.

Custom Headers

Pass your own custom headers to the proxy provider instead of the proxy provider setting their own.

Sticky Sessions

Use the same IP address for multiple requests so you maintain the same session across mutliple requests.

Automatic Proxy Optimization

When you send us a request, our API will automatically use the best performing proxy using real-time performance data.

Automatic Proxy Rotation

Send us the URLs you want to scrape and we handle proxy selection & rotation automatically for you.

Response Validation

We check every proxy response for ban pages, CAPTCHAs, and errors so we only return valid reponses.

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