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· 9 min read

ScrapeOps Promo

After being part of the web scraping community for years, as web scrapers ourselves or working in scraping & proxy providers, we decided to build ScrapeOps.

A free web scraping tool that we hope will make every web scrapers life a whole lot easier by solving two problems every developer has faced:

Problem #1: No good purpose built job monitoring and scheduling tools for web scraping.

Problem #2: Finding cheap proxies that work is a pain in the a**.

ScrapeOps is designed to be the DevOps tool for web scraping. A web scraping extension that gives you all the monitoring, alerting, scheduling and data validation functionality you need for web scraping straight out of the box, no matter what programming language or web scraping library you are using.

With just a 30 seconds install, you can schedule your scraping jobs, monitor their performance, get alerts and compare the performance of every single proxy provider for your target domains in a single dashboard!

Here is a link to our live demo: Live Demo

· 17 min read

The State of Web Scraping 2022

With 2021 having come to an end, now is the time to look back at the big events & trends in the world of web scraping, and try to project what will 2022 look like for web scraping.

· 2 min read

Today, after months of refinement with Alpha users we're really excited to annouce the launch of the ScrapeOps public Beta! :partying_face:

Our Goal

ScrapeOps has been built by web scrapers for web scrapers with the simple mission of creating the best job monitoring and management solution for scrapers.

When we decided to start work on ScrapeOps we had 4 simple goals:

  • Remove the hassle of having to set up your own custom web scraping monitoring and management stack.
  • Give every developer the same level of sophisticated scraping monitoring capabilities as the largest web scrapers.
  • Bring much-needed transparency to the web scraping proxy market for the benefit of developers.
  • All with a simple 30 seconds install into your existing scraping scripts.

With the Beta version, we believe we've achieved ~80% of these goals, but we're not going to stop here. We've big plans for the coming months.