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Launching The ScrapeOps Beta

· 2 min read

Today, after months of refinement with Alpha users we're really excited to annouce the launch of the ScrapeOps public Beta! :partying_face:

Our Goal

ScrapeOps has been built by web scrapers for web scrapers with the simple mission of creating the best job monitoring and management solution for scrapers.

When we decided to start work on ScrapeOps we had 4 simple goals:

  • Remove the hassle of having to set up your own custom web scraping monitoring and management stack.
  • Give every developer the same level of sophisticated scraping monitoring capabilities as the largest web scrapers.
  • Bring much-needed transparency to the web scraping proxy market for the benefit of developers.
  • All with a simple 30 seconds install into your existing scraping scripts.

With the Beta version, we believe we've achieved ~80% of these goals, but we're not going to stop here. We've big plans for the coming months.

Beta Program

Working with Alpha testers over the last 3 months, we've refined the functionality and ironed out lots of bugs to get it to a point that now we are successfully helping our users monitor over 35 million pages being scraped every single month. Now we'd like to take the next step and roll it out to even more developers.

During the Beta Program, you will have free unlimited access to the product and all its features. You can integrate it with as many scrapers as you would like and push it as hard as you want with no strings attached.

All we ask for in exchange is your brutal and honest feedback:

  • Any feedback you have on the existing functionality.
  • Any ideas you have for features and user experiences that would improve the product.
  • Any issues you had understanding or using the product.

If you actively participate with the Beta program, then as a extra thank you we will give you free access to ScrapeOps forever.

The current version isn't feature complete and can only be integrated with Python Scrapy, but we've big plans for implementing new funtionality over the coming months to make using the ScrapeOps monitoring suite a no-brainer for any web scraper out there.

If you haven't done so already, your can sign up to the Beta program here to get your free account.