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Premium Proxies

The ScrapeOps Proxy API Aggregator enables you to use higher quality/more expensive proxy providers by adding the premium=true to your requests. These often proxy solutions offer higher and more reliable performance than cheaper proxy providers.

These premium proxies are usually used as fallback proxy providers by our proxy selection system, however, if you set premium=true then all your requests will go through these proxy providers from the start.

Using premium proxies can unlock some websites, increase the success rate and lower the latency of your requests so they are good options when scraping more difficult websites or when performance is of top concern.

curl -k ""

Using the Premium Proxies functionality will consume 1.5 API Credits. However, on large plans the credit multiple will be increased to maintain a flat rate of $0.175 per thousand requests.

Residential/Mobile Proxies

These proxies aren't residential or mobile proxies, they are higher quality datacenter proxies that offer better performance.

If you would like to use residential proxies then add residential=true to your requests. Or if you would like to use mobile proxies then add mobile=true to your requests.