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Status Codes & Errors

With every response the ScrapeOps Proxy API Aggregator will return a status code which indicates if the request was successful or failed.

Status Codes

The following is a list of possible status codes:

Status CodeBilledDescription
200YesSuccessful response.
404YesPage requested does not exist.
400NoBad request. Either your url or query parameters are incorrectly formatted.
401NoYou have consumed all your credits. Either turn off your scraper, or upgrade to a larger plan.
403NoEither no api_key included on request, or api_key is invalid.
429NoExceeded your concurrency limit.
500NoAfter retrying for up to 2 minutes, the API was unable to receive a successful response.

Billed Requests

The ScrapeOps Proxy API Aggregator only charges you for successful requests, which are 200 and 404 response codes.

All 200 responses will pass through response validation (checks for ban pages, CAPTCHAs, anti-bots, etc.) prior to returning a 200 response to your scraper.

If you find bad responses coming back as 200 status codes then reach out to our support team who will update the response validation system to catch these failed responses in future.