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Request Costs

Every successful request to the ScrapeOps Proxy API that returns a successful status code 200 or 404 consumes API credits from your monthly API credit quota.

Each subscription plan contains a particular amount of API credits that can be used during the subscription period. Unused API credits are not transferable to the next subscription period.

The number of API credits consumed depends on the functionality enabled and the domain being scraped.

Functionality Costs

The following is a list of the number of API credits used with different functionality enabled:

ParameterAPI Credit CostDescription
-1Successful response
premium=true1.5Request using premium datacenter proxy pools
render_js=true10Request with Javascript rendering enabled
residential=true10Request using residential proxy pools
residential=true&render_js=true50Request using residential proxy pools & Javascript rendering enabled
mobile=true25Request using mobile proxy pools
mobile=true&render_js=true50Request using mobile proxy pools & Javascript rendering enabled

Using our anti-bot bypassing functionality also consumes more than 1 API credit per request:

BypassAPI CreditsDescription
generic_level_110The generic level 1 anti-bot bypass is designed to bypass simple anti-bots.
generic_level_230Generic anti-bot bypass that is designed to bypass most anti-bots.
generic_level_350Generic anti-bot bypass that is designed to bypass the most complex anti-bot systems.
cloudflare10Use to bypass Cloudflare protected sites.
incapsula30Use to bypass Incapsula protected sites.
perimeterx30Use to bypass PerimeterX protected sites.
datadome30Use to bypass DataDome protected sites.

Domain Costs

Certain domains are much harder and costlier to scrape than your normal website, as you have to use higher quality proxies and more advanced anti-bot bypassing techniques. As a result, certain domains consume more API credits than other domains.

The following is a list of the number of API credits consumed for each domain:

API Credit CostDescription
1Normal website (not on list) (and other Google sub domains,, etc.),