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Status Codes & Errors

The ScrapeOps Residential Proxy Aggregator will return the status code returned by the target website.

However, if the proxy port will return the following status codes if there are specific errors in your request:

Status CodeBilledDescription
400NoBad request. Either your url or query parameters are incorrectly formatted.
401NoYou have consumed all your credits. Either turn off your scraper, or upgrade to a larger plan.
403NoEither no api_key included on request, or api_key is invalid.

Billed Requests

Until the Web Scraping Proxy API Aggregator which only charges you for successful requests, the Residential Proxy Aggregator charges you for all the bandwidth consumed when making the requests. Regardless if the request was successful or not.

This usage billing method is designed to copy the way downstream residential and mobile proxy providers charge for usage of their proxy pools.