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Monitoring Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the ScrapeOps Monitoring FAQ page. Here, we address common queries users might have while setting up and using ScrapeOps Monitoring.


What is ScrapeOps Monitoring?

ScrapeOps Monitoring provides a comprehensive suite to oversee your web scraping tasks, offering visualization, and health statistics, ensuring the best performance for your scrapers.

Why should I use ScrapeOps Monitoring for my scraping projects?

ScrapeOps offers a myriad of features, from job progress stats, comparisons against historical data, error and warning tracking, bandwidth monitoring, and more. It offers an all-encompassing look into your scraping operations, helping identify and address inefficiencies.


How do I start using ScrapeOps Monitoring with my scrapers?

ScrapeOps currently supports integration for Python Requests and Python Scrapy scrapers. Follow the provided integration guide in the documentation to seamlessly incorporate ScrapeOps into your projects.

Can I customize Scrapy SDK logging for my spiders?

Yes! The Scrapy SDK allows customization in how your spiders are logged. It's designed to provide you with flexibility in defining job names directly within your spiders, improving monitoring and categorization on the dashboard.


What if I don't specify a Spider Name or Job Name?

If these aren't defined, the Spider Name will default to your scraper's filename, and the Job Name will default to the spider name.

How do I log the data I've scraped?

For Python Requests, use the item_scraped method within the ScrapeOps SDK. This method also tracks data coverage to notify you of any missing fields from your scraper. For futher details review our documentations here


What insights does the ScrapeOps Monitoring dashboard offer?

The dashboard gives real-time insights into various metrics, such as scraped pages, parsed items, runtimes, response codes, success rates, and more, ensuring you have a comprehensive overview of your scraping performance.

Support & Troubleshooting

I'm having issues with the ScrapeOps SDK. What should I do?

First, refer to the detailed integration guide in the documentation. If problems persist, please contact our support team for further help.