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ScrapeOps Proxy Alpha Documentation

ScrapeOps proxy aggregator is an easy to use proxy that gives you access to the best performing proxies via a single endpoint. We take care of finding the best proxies, so you can focus on the data.

Making Requests

To use the ScrapeOps proxy, you first need an API key which you can get by signing up for a free account here.

To make requests you need to use the endpoint and make requests like this:

The API will return the response in HTML format like any normal proxy.

Please make sure, you have properly encoded the URL when making the request.

Additional Functionality

The ALPHA version of the API supports the following extra functionality:

JS Rendering

Enable Javascript rendering by adding render_js=true to your request.

Country Geotargeting

Enable country level geotargeting by adding country= the country code to your request. For example, to geotarget the US add country=us to your request.

Residential Proxies

Use residential proxies by adding residential=true to your request.